Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The Grinning Man...available NOW at your local store...

For those of you perhaps wanting to grab a copy of my comic book The Grinning Man but without having to look at my stupid face as you do so - might want to check out Orbital Comics in Central London, as they now stock a number of copies. Go oooooooooon - treat yourself - you never know, it may be raining when you get outside....and I hear A4 is just perfect for keeping rain off your hair...
As well as the good ol' folks at Orbital, TGM and also my fan book, Mike Read Has Beautiful Breath are now available on the Down In The Dark Store.

Monday, 25 February 2013

London Super Comic-Con 2013

Phew~! Well, that weekend went past almost as a blur of people, sketches, and lots of tea. Compared to EMS back in October, I had a little more to offer this time. The Universal Horror booklets were back alongside the two new books; The Grinning Man, and the Mike Read Has Beautiful Breath fan book - a big thank you to all those who picked them up - I hope you enjoy them.

Besides the books there were numerous other items on show at my table, such as notebooks and prints, plus wearable goodies such as Ni No Kuni hand-painted t-shirts and Adventure Time custom painted shoes. The latter ofcourse went rather quickly, after the fuss made at EMS over the not-for-sale pair. Again, thank you to those who do now have them. I'm sure you'll look after them.

Also yet another thank you goes to people who commissioned one-off sketches, and those who bought the ones produced at my table throughout the weekend. I hope they were worth your while....and wait. See you all soon at the next one~! ...Hopefully.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


With the London Super Comic Con just around the corner - here's a peek at what I will have at my table during the weekend.
As mentioned in the earlier post - The Grinning Man is an A4 sized, 24-page comic book ghost story about a young boy's journey through his own memory; and his mysterious encounter with the enigmatic 'grinning' man. But as the memory unfolds and the truth becomes darker - the boy is forced to realise that nothing is ever as it seems...
Also available will be an A5 sized Fan Book:
 Mike Read Has Beautiful Breath is a 24-page collection of my illustrations deriving from popular culture. (There's a double pop culture reference in the title - brownie points to those who spot its origin/s.)

It collects various images of my various fandoms, past and present, blogged and unblogged. Through Film/TV, comics, cartoons, and video games. It also has a sketchbook section containing doodles and sketches showing the inner workings of some of the larger pieces. From Adventure Time to Zombies, and everything inbetween.

I will also be bringing along this little fella...
As well as shoes I have been painting on t-shirts, and the little Mite from Ni No Kuni and others will be available at my table throughout the weekend. SO, if you're looking for 30 seconds to kill whilst you chew on a falafel or whatever - why not come visit me? I'll most probably be the one scowling or snoozing in a corner somewhere...or perhaps I'll be the one waving at you frantically like a mad person. Who knows?

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A Ghost Story for Chri....er...February...

Too late for Christmas - but something ghostly this way comes.
An original comic book - The Grinning Man is a story about isolation, death, disillusionment and the haunting of a young boy's memory.
The 24-page book and other goodies will be available at the forthcoming London Super Comic Con on the 23rd - 24th February. More updates soon.