Thursday, 16 July 2015

From the Vault with a Vengeance

*huff* *puff* s..sorry...*wheeze* Sorry I'm late. Again. I left my keys in the oven.

I was going through my old hairdryers the other day (hang on do I mean hairdryers? No, I think Sketchbooks is a better term) and found some completely forgotten drawings that I thought might bridge some sort of gap between my massive bouts of lazy non-blogging.

Although they're what you'd call a 'tool' - my sketchbooks basically serve either to flesh out ideas and concepts for arty things that I'd like to do, or in rare cases, do do (*guffaw* doodoo...) - but also as a refuge to just draw stuff that has no relevance other than I may just want to draw that particular thing at that particular time.

Anyway, here's a very small selection of irrelevant, recent, and not-so-recent stuff that doesn't cripple me with embarrassment.