Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Nature, Red

It's been a long time coming, but it's finally here. Sort of. Here is the second of my Ghost Story comic books. And on Christmas Eve, no less.
Some Things Burn Darker in the Forest of the Mind.
A Man sits next to a person in a bar. They start by saying nothing at all. The more they drink, the more comfortable they get. After a while they are talking freely, and the man confides in the other. He says in a low tone:
"Now. Here's a curious thing..."
And so begins our tale. Nature, Red is the story of one man's experience through a woodland area in Gloucestershire. The narrative takes the form of one half of the conversation, and is an exploration of the strange, the unnatural, and the dark side of Nature - human or otherwise.
As the story, and the stories behind those stories, begin to unfold, we begin to question how far the Ghosts of our past are willing to intrude upon our present; and we wonder how much we really can trust the word of another...
Nature, Red is a 40-page full-colour softcover; and shall hopefully be creeping its way into your peripheral vision very soon. Watch this space.
In the meantime, as it's Christmas Eve and all that, here is a brief section of the comic for your festive merriment.