Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The Vault of Such

This has been a long time coming if I'm quite honest. But with BCZF well on the way, it seemed like a good idea to get it done.

The Vault of Such is, as you can probably see, not just a massive homage to the EC comics of the 1950s, but also a means for me to cram in as much illustration work and 'stuff wat I dun' within two covers as I care to. Besides the new cover, there are various new and not-so-new-but-unseen bits I have done both recently and not-so-recently. There are also images that have previously only been available as prints or apparel - like shoes or custom-painted t-shirts. Yeah.

Here's a few spreads:

Also included within is (nearly) all of the collected illustrations and sketches for the Vampire Variations series that I provided for the albums released by Nitro Game Injection and OverClocked Remix respectively.

In a way, The Vault of Such is the companion volume to Mike Read Has Beautiful Breath - a previous fan book collecting images from popular culture. The Vault is very similar, but also contains a few personal drawings, plus it's physically bigger - so to call it Vol.2 would seem strange. But technically, it is.

SO. Both books combined covers nearly everything illustration related (not including comics and stuff that I don't want to share) over the last four or five years. Uurrrgh...

The Vault of Such is A4 size and 28PP - and will be available first at Bristol Comic and Zine Fair 2016 this coming Saturday. I'll be there also, obviously. (Blimey, it's been a while since I've had a table somewhere...)

Also available will be various other prints, books and comics. The Grinning Man makes a welcome, albeit limited return, as I have reprinted *very few* copies especially for BCZF, so Ghost Story Comic enthusiasts (I know they're out there somewhere...guys?...) will be able to obtain both The Grinning Man and Nature, Red, if they wish. (Strangely, it's the latter's first time at a convention. I bought a cake. Any excuse.)

Watch this space for a third....ah, but I've already said too much....

Monday, 15 August 2016

More Dirty Rotten Fun

Wow. It's been four months already. If you remember, last April saw the release of Dirty Rotten Comics #7, part of long-running UK anthology of strange, weird and wonderfully peculiar short comics.

You can see where I may fit in.

Well, they're back again. Dirty Rotten Comics #8 will be released this Friday (19th) and will feature, as before, a sterling array of Indie comics talent. I am happy to say that I have a brand ever-so-spanking-new comic to add in to this mix - in the form of the 4-page Insert 20 Pence.

You can Pre/Order the latest 68-page tome from Throwaway Press themselves here, and for more updates you can keep an eye on their website.

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Dirty Rotten Fun

Howdy everyone. It's been a while, hasn't it? I know, I escaped...

April 1st will see the release of Dirty Rotten Comics Issue 7 - a UK anthology of short comics from an enormous list of very talented creators. This issue I had the privilege of including my own short comic The Laundry Goblin within its voluptuous 68 pages.

You can check out DRC's website here, pre-order/purchase the issue through them here; and read previews of the comic from Broken Frontier and Down the Tubes.