Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Nature, Red

It's been a long time coming, but it's finally here. Sort of. Here is the second of my Ghost Story comic books. And on Christmas Eve, no less.
Some Things Burn Darker in the Forest of the Mind.
A Man sits next to a person in a bar. They start by saying nothing at all. The more they drink, the more comfortable they get. After a while they are talking freely, and the man confides in the other. He says in a low tone:
"Now. Here's a curious thing..."
And so begins our tale. Nature, Red is the story of one man's experience through a woodland area in Gloucestershire. The narrative takes the form of one half of the conversation, and is an exploration of the strange, the unnatural, and the dark side of Nature - human or otherwise.
As the story, and the stories behind those stories, begin to unfold, we begin to question how far the Ghosts of our past are willing to intrude upon our present; and we wonder how much we really can trust the word of another...
Nature, Red is a 40-page full-colour softcover; and shall hopefully be creeping its way into your peripheral vision very soon. Watch this space.
In the meantime, as it's Christmas Eve and all that, here is a brief section of the comic for your festive merriment.


Thursday, 28 August 2014

Swipe that smirk off 'is face!!

With physical copies running dangerously low (after its third and final reprint) I hereby introduce: The Grinning Man - kindle edition!! Ta Dah. It's really the same as the print edition...just without the touchy-feely bits.
The 24-page Ghost Story comic book is available for direct download NOW at Amazon sites worldwide. It will work with any Amazon Kindle device (although because it's quite a big file and obviously heavy on the images - I personally recommend it for Kindle Fire devices and upwards) and also with the FREE Kindle app that's available for phones, tablets and other magical e-reading devices. Go nuts!
You can read a review of The Grinning Man by Broken Frontier's Andy Oliver just over here.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Dante Joins the Fray

One final update before the London MCM Comic Con at the end of this week; the newest custom video game cover illustration is for none other than Devil May Cry. (The originals...not...*ahem* yeah...) Above is the design used for Xbox/PS2 size...
...and here is the reverse side.
And here it is again designed to fit PS3 cases, with the reverse side below.
These along with the other designs of the previous post will be available at my table at Comic-Con.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

I've Got You Covered...

Whoops, it's been a bit of a while since...*checks* ...December. I HAVE been doing things, honest. So, here's a little update for you. Following their debut at the recent Bristol Comic Expo; my newest set of prints double as custom sleeves for PlayStation 3 (i.e. Blu-Ray) and Xbox (i.e. DVD/etc). They were designed and trimmed to immediately work as sleeves, and some are also double-sided.

Here's a rundown of what was available:

This is designed to represent any of the Batman: Arkham series for PS3
PS3 flip side
Same design; but tweaked slightly to accommodate the larger Xbox/DVD size
Xbox/DVD flip side
Aliens VS Predator for PS3
...and the same again for Xbox/DVD. No flip side to this design unfortunately.
Some PS3 exclusives now. This one is for Journey; previously released only as a download, it received a disc release with the Collector's Edition.
Journey flip side
And finally, the magnificent Team ICO games, deservedly re-released for PS3 in re-mastered editions. Both sides of this sleeve are designed to accommodate both games. This side is ICO...
...with Shadow of the Colossus on the flip side.
Along with these were a few more new prints. The covers to Vampire Variations Volume II, and Nosferatu were also available, along with the regulars seen at previous shows, including Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Radagast the Brown, and Regular Show; plus fan books and a further reprint of The Grinning Man.
All this (and possibly more) will be available again at the forthcoming London MCM Comic Con at the end of this month. Hopefully I'll see you there - mine's a tea; milk with no sugar - thanks! ^^