Monday, 17 June 2013

Still Grinning...

For those of you perhaps wondering just what that 'grey, smudgey spooky ghost comic' was - well, you're in luck. The good folks at Orbital Comics, have a fresh and shining new batch of The Grinning Man, hot off the presses for all your browsing needs. As well as Orbital, they are also available at my store, and will also be present at my table at the forthcoming LFCC very soon.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Meltdown UK

ESports, a term that may be unfamiliar to many - refers to wonderful world of competetive (video)gaming. Meltdown, in London's Caledonian Road is not only the first eSports bar in London but also in the UK, after two other successful eSports bars in Paris and Berlin respectively.
I had the privilege to be asked to paint a mural on the wall in London's Meltdown - and was briefed to make it fit in with their futuristic, post-apocalyptic flavour. Considering I had no more than 2 days to complete it before they opened on June 1st - I think it went rather well. More snaps below.

After the first day...
Half way through day two; at a different angle...
The final Mural.
So - if competetive gaming is for you - or perhaps if you merely enjoy a few beverages with your finest chums whilst watching other people play video games on a projected screen - then check out Meltdown at 342 Caledonian Road, London. Game on.

London MCM Comic-Con May 2013

Well, well,'s that time of year again already.
Yup, MCM Expo (or Comic-Con as it's now known) arrived with yet another May bank holiday weekend of unpredictable weather, raging seas of people and 'free hugs' signs.
However, for me there was one small difference - I was seeing all this from the other side.
No, no - I'm not saying I'm dead. But for once I was sat behind a table, among fellow budding artists, illustrators and comickers - enjoying my first London Expo as a member of the Comic Village.

As you may have seen in the aforementioned posts, my new products this time around were another pair of custom painted shoes; Dragonball Z themed, a new custom painted t-shirt; Totoro themed and some new art prints - two Star Wars portraits and a bizarre Regular Show illustration. The Universal Horror and the Fan books returned, as well as The Grinning Man (which I here tell that Orbital Comics have long since sold out of! Not to worry - more on the way - thank you to those who shelled out their hard-earned cash for them) so all in all - not a bad haul with which to face the teeming crowds.
Thank you to all who purchased prints, small drawings, shoes, t-shirts, books and the like. I hope to see you all at the next Comic-Con in October, and maybe - just maybe - you have decided to attend the London Film and Comic Con this July, in which case I may see you there.