Sunday, 7 October 2012

Entertainment Media Show 2012

Well - what a weekend! After having only a short week to prepare, I think it went surprisingly well. Those of you who merrily gandered through what can only be described as a 'working' mess of prints, booklets and general arty stuffs and picked up any of my 100+ FREE (No, really they ARE free, believe me) sketch cards produced at my table throughout most of the weekend- thank you and enjoy.

Ofcourse a BIG thank you to all who purchased prints, booklets, original artwork, etc. and I hope to see you soon at future events.

Here's a selection of what was on offer:

Adventure Time Print - A4 on 100% cotton stock

Batman Print - A4 on 100% cotton stock

Universal Horror Booklet - A4, 16 pages - Booklet containing all 7 illustrations from my previous post 'Horror on a Universal Scale' plus new artwork of the classic monsters.

Page from the above booklet of one of the new illustrations.

The premium eye-candy at my table (so it seemed) - Adventure Time hand painted shoes! Yup, for realisies. Unfortunately this pair is not for sale, as they were for display purposes only. Commissions are accepted though, those wishing to enquire need only contact me through the email address on the right.

Same shoes. Different angle. Mad poo brains.
Yet more Adventure Time (pssh anyone would think this is POPULAR or something!) this time a customised notebook with drawings on the front and back covers...
...and on the front page.

Another customised notebook, this time Batman themed. This is the illustration over the two covers...
...and on the centre spread.

 The following are a small selection of the (MANY) sketch cards that were given out as freebies for those in the vicinity. Can you spot which ones YOU have?

Wolverine (Chibi)

The T.A.R.D.I.S.


The Joker

Lumpy Space Princess

Finn and Jake

Darth Vader

Superman (Chibi)

'Nother Finn.

'Nother Jake

Dr. Robotnik

Zombie (Dawn of the Dead)