Sunday, 2 June 2013

Meltdown UK

ESports, a term that may be unfamiliar to many - refers to wonderful world of competetive (video)gaming. Meltdown, in London's Caledonian Road is not only the first eSports bar in London but also in the UK, after two other successful eSports bars in Paris and Berlin respectively.
I had the privilege to be asked to paint a mural on the wall in London's Meltdown - and was briefed to make it fit in with their futuristic, post-apocalyptic flavour. Considering I had no more than 2 days to complete it before they opened on June 1st - I think it went rather well. More snaps below.

After the first day...
Half way through day two; at a different angle...
The final Mural.
So - if competetive gaming is for you - or perhaps if you merely enjoy a few beverages with your finest chums whilst watching other people play video games on a projected screen - then check out Meltdown at 342 Caledonian Road, London. Game on.

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