Thursday, 29 October 2015

Hallowe'en at the Podbean. Unseen.

Big thanks to Vince, Tony and Dan and all at the Awesome Comics Podcast for their generous hat-tipping to The Grinning Man and myself in their recent Hallowe'en Special.

The ACP is indeed an awesome comics podcast and I recommend it to anyone and everyone even remotely interested in what's going on within the world of comics; small press or mainstream. My required reading list has now grown larger still because of it. If you haven't listened to their latest shenanigans, do so now. If you have - listen to it again.

On the subject of The Grinning Man, very few copies of the physical edition remain on my Etsy store, and sadly it is unlikely to be reprinted within the foreseeable future. You can still however obtain a digital version here.

For those who prefer the papery goodness of a physical copy, don't forget you can claim a 20% discount when you type in HALLOWSINTHEDARK2015 as a coupon code at checkout until the end of 2nd November.

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