Friday, 23 January 2015

In Tooth and Claw

Remember that new comic that I said was almost-sort-of-nearly here? Well, now it is. Really.
Nature, Red; the second of my stand-alone ghost stories is now available online and in select comic book retailers across the UK, including:
Foyles (Charing Cross Road, London and Cabot Circus, Bristol)
Online it is available direct from myself through my shiny new Down In The Dark store. Also available there are limited quantities of The Grinning Man, Illustration and Such from Popular Culture Vol. 1, and a special 'double pack' allowing you to get both ghost story comics at a reduced cost. You're welcome.
Nature, Red is limited to 75 signed and numbered copies.


Nature, Red

The Grinning Man

Mike Read Has Beautiful Breath: Illustration and Such from Popular Culture Vol. 1

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